24 Weeks

Hello everyone. My little baby boy is the size of an ear of corn. He has been kicking daily and it makes me so happy. Everything has been going great as far as the pregnancy goes - but as far as my health - not so much. I've been dealing with a bad cold for… Continue reading 24 Weeks


21 Weeks: Gender Revealed

Baby Size: Banana Oh my goodness- you all must be dying to know what the gender is of the baby. To be honest, I had a whirlwind of a week and completely forgot to update you all (my apologies). I was not feeling the best last week, had a random day of complete tiredness, had… Continue reading 21 Weeks: Gender Revealed

19 Weeks and Counting…

Baby is now the size of a large mango – adorable. Starting Friday, I could start feeling little kicks and punches here and there. It’s not consistent, but it’s not supposed to be this early on (especially for first-time-moms). I like tapping the bottom of my belly (because my baby is sitting low) and feeling… Continue reading 19 Weeks and Counting…

Week 14 & 15: Emotionally Hard

So I'm almost 15 weeks along! Yay! I am so excited - I cannot wait to meet this sweet little one. Baby is now the size of an apple. I've been struggling this week emotionally. It's hard when your pregnancy symptoms have subsided (4 days now without any morning sickness- yes!), because you constantly are… Continue reading Week 14 & 15: Emotionally Hard